About Guided Hunting


Seeking the outdoors experience

Many of today’s hunters are seeking the outdoors experience as a relief from unrelenting work schedules, cell phones, emails and the constant pressures of modern life, he is seeking time out for himself.Today’s hunter often takes his pleasure from just being in the outdoors amongst the wildlife and wilderness, to enjoy the total experience.

The quest for a great hunting experience

A trophy is the object of his hunt, but when it’s over and he is back at work or in his home when he chances to look at his trophy on the wall, it will be the country he hunted in and the company he hunted with that will flood his memory. It will be the total experience that will be the measure of how successful the hunt was, he will constantly be dreaming of doing it all again. My aim as a guide is for my clients to go home fulfilled in their quest for a great hunting experience, but thirsty for more.

Iconic South Island high country hunting

I hunt on iconic South Island high country stations which will leave the wilderness hunter spell bound by rugged beauty and grandeur. This country will test a hunters fitness and resolve so that when he takes his trophy the taste of success is all the sweeter, the triumph all his own. I want your memories of the hunt to be about the country you hunted in and the company of the people you hunted with.