About Snow Hewetson

I am Snow Hewetson. I offer authentic free range, fair chase guided hunting in New Zealand. My aim is to show you a real hunting experience that you will never forget, and for you to take home a quality trophy earned on the way. I will guide you in the stunning high country stations of the pristine South Island of New Zealand.

Red Stag Trophy Hunt – Jason Barry


Red Stag Trophy Hunt Snow was a fantastic guide, full of knowledge and dedicated to helping me achieve my goal of a trophy red stag. I learnt a lot on our hunts and it was great that we had a guide that wanted to make sure we had a great experience and a few good [...]

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Tahr Hunt Testimonial – Craig Irwin


Hunting Tahr in the Mountains I enjoyed hunting with Snow last year on my first Tahr hunt. We had a fabulous time in a great spot that certainly can produce some great trophies as my 14&1/2 inch Bull Tahr shows. Snow is a great guy to be with on the mountains, he carefully picked a [...]

Tahr Hunt Testimonial – Craig Irwin2018-03-19T00:28:09+00:00

Red Stag Hunt Testimonial – Fudd Querino


A 12pt Red Stag Snow got me onto the stags helping me secure an absolute ripper in 2013, his intimate knowledge of the South Island alpine areas in which they live, being second to none, a mates first, guide second type attitude when out chasing NZ's game animals on their terms, I can thoroughly recommend [...]

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A First Time Tahr Trophy


Tahr Hunting Testimonial – Patrik Karlsson My first long distance hunting trip took me to New Zealand in March 2011 to hunt for Tahr with Snow Hewetson as my guide. Three absolutely fantastic days in the mountains with amazing experiences of both wildlife and nature. We spotted a good number of Tahr bulls but it [...]

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Testimonial – Bryan Provo


Tahr Hunt Testimonial – Bryan Provo I Hunted Tahr with Snow in May of 2012, South Island near Geraldine. The hunt was a great success! Snow and his guides put together a memory of a lifetime. When you travel to the other end of the world to spend your savings on a hunt, you can [...]

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NZ Red Stag Hunt Testimonial


Red Stag Hunt Testimonial - Dan Gregg Personally I have hunted in numerous places including Africa and I can honestly say that my hunt in NZ was my favorite. The guides (Top shape Billy goats) the incredibly beautiful country, but most importantly the game rich environment for Tahr and Red Stag. I would highly recommend [...]

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Tahr Hunt Testimonial – Klaus Frank


Tahr Hunt Testimonial – Klaus Frank Many thanks to Snow Hewetson, who helped and guided me throughout my Tahr hunt in the Southern Alps! His knowledge and friendship made the hunt into something very special and unforgettable! I remember every detail whenever I see my fine bull tahr looking down on me from the wall [...]

Tahr Hunt Testimonial – Klaus Frank2018-03-19T00:28:10+00:00

Red Stag & Fallow Deer Hunt – Gerald Moran


Red Stag & Fallow Deer Hunt – Gerald Moran Snow guided my cousin and I on a Red Stag and Fallow deer hunt. I was impressed right away by his professionalism. I mean Snow really knows his stuff, and it was his top priority for us to not only have a successful hunt, but an [...]

Red Stag & Fallow Deer Hunt – Gerald Moran2018-03-19T00:28:10+00:00

Red Stag & Fallow Deer Trophy Hunt


Red Stag & Fallow Deer Trophy Hunt - Bruce Vaughn My cousin Gerry and I really had a great time hunting with Snow. Snow is a pleasure to be around and has a wealth of information not only about the game being hunted at the moment but also about hunting in New Zealand in general. [...]

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